Lindsay Rice Brings on T Box Technologies for 2019 Season

(TORONTO, ON) Lindsay Rice and T Box Technologies enter into partnership for Lindsay's 2019 competitive season in the Canadian Touring Car Championship series.

Lindsay Rice, Canadian race car driver piloting he Audi RS3 LMS, today announced a partnership with T Box Technologies, a phone application for recording video and documenting speed, location and altitude.

The two will enter into a new unique partnership, which will allow Lindsay to showcase her speeds on the race track through the T Box application. Lindsay Rice will be able to use this video data to study the track and to use this data for any future race preparation.

T Box was developed to provide users with a streamlined way of capturing video with speed, altitude, and location on their video playback display. The application was made with motorsport enthusiasts, airplane pilots, and even sky divers in mind, since all users are able to show their location and track their movements throughout the 2 minutes that T Box will record their activities.

"I am truly looking forward to working with T Box Tech through their app. I have actually been using the app for over a year, and I find it super helpful for tracking my speeds behind the wheel and reviewing this footage later to analyze my performance. It is also extremely accurate! I have compared my speed display in the car to the speed shown in the app and it is impressive how accurate it is!" says Lindsay.

"We are excited to partner with Rice Racing," says T Box developer Alex Wulf. "We are very confident in Lindsay's abilities and confident to work with her on her program in the Audi RS3 LMS race car this season"

Available today, the T Box application will work with your iPhone or Android phone, and will integrate the video from your GoPro 5 into the app. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store at this site:

T Box Technologies

T Box Technologies allows your to record your speed and acceleration through the video application on your phone. The application will track your movement as you are driving, riding a motorcycle, or flying a plane. You can also choose to view your current altitude and use sky-dive move while you are sky diving. Each video can be up to 2 minutes long, and you can save the video once recorded in your photos, as well as in any video editor. The application now syncs with Go Pro Hero 5 & above.

About Rice Racing:

Rice Racing is a professional motorsports team, owned and operated by semi pro race car driver Lindsay Rice. The team has been competing in North American motorsport since 2016, and has since won 3 first places and has had over 13 podiums. In 2019, the team will be supporting the #18 Rice Racing Audi RS3 LMS TCR race car. Rice Racing Apparel is a division of Rice Racing, where fans can purchase clothing made by the Rice Racing team. Apparel items can be found here:

About Lindsay Rice:

Lindsay Rice, CEO of Rice Racing and driver of the #18 Rice Racing Audi RS3 LMS is a semi-pro female driver competing in motorsport across North America. In a short 3 year racing career, Lindsay she has achieved over 13 podium finishes and holds 3 title wins. Lindsay is an athlete, and an established businesswoman in marketing and brand recognition. For more information on Lindsay, please visit:

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