Quagmire Holdings Partners with Rice for 2016 Competitive Season

Toronto, ON -

Rice Racing is very excited to announce their partnership with Quagmire Holdings, Ltd for the duration of their 2016 racing season.

Quagmire Holdings, Ltd is a development company based out of Barrie, ON. The seven year old development company operates mostly in Southern Ontario, with projects across the Greater Toronto Area from Brampton to Woodbridge. They are currently involved in building residential high rises and retirement communities and are presently in all aspects of finance and philanthropy.

The founder and driver for Rice Racing, Lindsay Rice, shed some light on the new partnership:

“Quagmire Holdings, Ltd is a very well-run development company, and has a great team of professionals behind them analyzing the best possible investment and building opportunities,” said Lindsay. “The fact that they decided to join in with Rice Racing and be supportive in our racing endeavors gives us great confidence and reinforcement to continue with the work we are doing here. Their constant efforts to give to the community, and now give to the racing community, are highly regarded. We cannot wait to have them on board with our team this season.”

Jeff Rice, President of Quagmire Holdings, Ltd stated, “As part of our corporate mission, Quagmire does more than business, it invests in the energy of youth and non-profits for the good of the society. Rice Racing was an easy fit. This is about young person’s dream that may just come true.”

As one of the main sponsors for the 2016 season, Quagmire Holdings Ltd and Rice Racing will have a will be closely tied. They will put all efforts in the season to compete for the podium spot. With the means to attend multiple races, this presents the possibility of expanding the Rice Racing 2016 season into another race series.

Rice Racing is a group of motorsports professionals based out of Toronto, ON. They hold the talents of their driver, Lindsay Rice, their team coach and three-time Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada Master’s Champion, Marco Cirone, and their professional support team, Bestline Autotech.

To follow Lindsay Rice throughout the race season, please visit www.riceracing.ca, www.facebook.com/RiceRacingTO and follow her on twitter at @RiceRacingTO.

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